My expertise

I shape ideas into clear and impactful intent through written communication.

My work is progressive, and I catalyze teams resolutely. Each idea becomes a system that fulfills its promise to the market with more momentum. It is what I call being a Brand Operator.

The intent is for us to grow together.

Let's grow to expand

Bold ideas bring about change. They provoke, delight, and inspire us. Rare as they are, they predictably manifest new forms of thinking and connection. Bold ideas, when designed and executed well, move humanity forward.

Distracting offerings are all around us. They intentionally consume our attention, but unintentionally cause anxiety if not aligned with our needs. Those instances are your opportunity to standout to help consumers focus on what matters.

Decoded over a decade

Go-to-market fascinates me. From daily podcasts and audiobooks while on the move to speaking with mentors to dozens of articles weekly and more, I relentlessly hone my craft daily. These insights have been leveraged and improved while consulting 20+ companies and founding my own startups. This has persisted for well over a decade.

Over the years, my deepest interests have distilled into an expertise for go-to-market messaging and how it operationalizes into team's daily workflow.

My campaigns have co-launched 7 startups and 10 products to-date that acquired accounts online in 80+ countries. I have presented at events from Silicon Valley to South Korea, co-led 160+ meetup events in Silicon Valley for startups, and was chosen from several thousand applicants in 2021 as a Top 100 U.S. Marketer. Among other accolades, my content has been used by three Fortune 500 teams to sell two products with billion-dollar revenues, gain entry into Yale’s Innovation Summit, promoted by social media celebrities, and endorsed by a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

My expertise helps your go-to-market team to master the message that unites your team. It is applied in various ways we can collaborate.

Scene: When I was speaking on stage in Incheon, South Korea

Scene: When I was co-hosting one of my many startup events.

Scene: When I was interviewed at Startup Grind's event.

Scene: When I was awarded a Top 100 Marketer at MARsum.

Cross your markets' communication chasm.

For teams selling to big-budget buyers, they know executive-level messaging is entirely different than mainstream smaller buyers. Of the 20+ companies I have consulted for before founding TerraLoop, teams that deprioritized this chasm had daily off-message confusion that led to many needless meetings and some went bankrupt. I learned how to avoid those issues in real-time and retrospectively by clarifying their main message.

Your company's or offering's main message, such as the mission or tagline, is a promise to buyers. Without converging your team on that message on all channels and for each market, it causes confusion, conflict, and market irrelevance.

Engage both types of markets as your team scales up to (and well past) 30 members with a main message that builds a recognized and recommended brand in the market, by applying to consult my service-based firm,

How we can collaborate


Podcasts and events exhilarate me.

The energy created in the room, and the energy I help create, is what compels me to keep sharing insights learned and explore new ideas with hosts to entertain and enlighten their audiences.

Sample topics could include:

  • Create a clear message

  • Gain brand recognition

  • Gain recommendations

Do you have a podcast or access to event slots? I bring ideas to discuss and decks to present while working with your agenda. Contact me for info, such as my Press Kit, availability, rates, and more sample podcast interviews (some shared here).


I serve as an adviser in the U.S. Market Access network. Seeking entry into the U.S., Japan, or European markets? Reach out to me for options.

Channel collaborations

US Market Access Center
US Market Access Center

More collaborations are in progress. See a fit? Contact me.

I mentor bold founders on how to communicate compellingly in their decks and pitches for buyers and investors to win the deals that scale their companies. Cohorts that I advise include:

* Brand & Retail;
* Media & Ad;
* Enterprise Tech;
* New Materials & Packaging.

U.S. Market Access Center

Plug and Play Tech Center

* I am an advocate of theirs, not an affiliate.

My flywheel services

Workshop, to shape

woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall

Integrating your flywheel into your team's daily workflow is key to making it into routine behavior. Making this possible requires focus, discipline, and attention to detail as it permeates all key activities, tools, and resources to ensure it is not only embedded correctly into your ongoing projects and tasks, but that the team is trained on how to use it from day one and inspired by it.

Program, to set-up

With hundreds of factors to work through, each flywheel is uniquely impactful to your team. Ensuring it achieves the intended results by being constructive (rather than destructive) is offered through my Workshop where, within a short while, your team designs it with me to answer key questions such as: "What is required as part of it?" "How can we ensure we created the best structure for us among its endless combinations?"

people sitting on chair in front of computer
people sitting on chair in front of computer

Once integrated into your team's daily workflow, keep it on track to gradually increase momentum in the coming months. This focus and discipline create a work cadence that makes the reality of reaching breakaway success in your chosen market more of a reality. Culture and market distractions are guaranteed, so my intent will be to guide your team back on course throughout to reach the point of dominating your chosen market faster.

Project, to sync-up

Flywheel framework consulting service
Flywheel framework consulting service

"CJ is one of the brightest individuals I've ever had the pleasure of working with. CJ has acted as both a mentor and adviser to myself over the years, helping me with everything from creating marketing strategies to building additional revenue streams for my business. Both a visionary and a pragmatic leader, CJ Terral is an artisan and the art of business is his craft."

Brian Foley

Senior Manager of Sales,

Brian Foley
Brian Foley

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