My novel results

Growth occurs when we expand into markets that are unnoticed or seem undesirable. That is the opportunity.

My novel results
My novel results

My drive and pursuit

Achieving your objective starts with believing it is possible. For me, it is about quickly shaping the fear of uncertainty during campaigns into opportunities that deliver novel and meaningful results for clients.

I embrace obstacles, persist, learn from your input, and push through until our collective team fulfills the objective. I pursue this with charisma and the intent to streamline our effort over time. This is achieved by shaping blurry ideas into concrete plans, maintaining accountability throughout the team, and prioritizing what is needed to make our results resilient.

Past client samples

Intent: Attain accounts

Attain accounts
Attain accounts

BootUP Ventures: Silicon Valley coworking and startup incubator. I led growth marketing, pitch events, 1-week bootcamps.

  • Created pitch events, bootcamps, and sponsors for 100s of paying founders

  • Led team to SEO/rewrite the entire site

Promise Technology: Leader in storage solutions for data center, surveillance, and cloud. Hired to write all product content.

  • Wrote datasheets, sell sheets, and sales decks for all 12 SDRs representing $100M+ in sales

  • 1 of 3 to launch their cloud division

Intent: Retain accounts

Intent: Receive referrals

BoardUp: World’s first self-folding longboard for mobile commuters. As the 2nd person, joined to launch and scale.

  • Wrote site; got on 12 publications

  • Sold $60K in 30 days (Kickstarter)

  • Grew 20 viewers to 3.5M in 7 mo

MotoMate: Waterless, on-demand car wash. Investor hired me to launch product to acquire clients and partners.

  • Launched app 30% faster (in 2 mo)

  • Got 7 large clients (Box, Flex, Energous)

  • Grew 500% to 120 car washes/mo

tringapps: AI solutions for enterprise firms. Campaign to convert more leads with $160K leading 4 specialists.

  • Designed AI-chat lead gen page

  • Acquired 350 leads of F1000 firms

  • $1M in new project deal pipeline

TruckX: Trucker fleet Management IoT and ELD platform. Contracted me to lead team’s marketing and events.

  • Redesigned logo (used since 2019) & corporate messaging to 20,000+ U.S. truckers

  • Co-led 3 trade shows (300+ leads)

Retain accounts
Retain accounts
Receive referrals
Receive referrals

I perform with the objective in mind and have demonstrated this for over a decade with dozens of ambitious clients. While each client sought several objectives, they are arranged here based on the main intent that I consulted on during my engagement with them.

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